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Decorating Games
Fairy HandsFairy Hands
My New Room 3My New Room 3
Decor My First ClassroomDecor My First Classroom
Papa's CupcakeriaPapa's Cupcakeria
Summer Sandals!Summer Sandals!
Hands as beautiful as the stars!Hands as beautiful as the stars!
Delicious Asian Stir FryDelicious Asian Stir Fry
Do you know the real black forest cake?Do you know the real black forest cake?
A chocolate fudge cake!A chocolate fudge cake!
The Ice Queen!The Ice Queen!
Decorate this empty room!Decorate this empty room!
Dracula CupcakesDracula Cupcakes
Decorating a cake is very important!Decorating a cake is very important!
Nail it pretty well done!Nail it pretty well done!
this is a good cake that smells good!this is a good cake that smells good!
This piece is a little paradise!This piece is a little paradise!
Would you have hands of celebrities?Would you have hands of celebrities?
The three girlfriends love muffins!The three girlfriends love muffins!
A cake decorating with fruit!A cake decorating with fruit!
Rebuild from scratch a restaurant!Rebuild from scratch a restaurant!
It is Christmas and you have to decorate this ballIt is Christmas and you have to decorate this ball
A great cake!A great cake!
Here's a good Decorating Game!Here's a good Decorating Game!
Hero PizzaHero Pizza
Bird House!Bird House!
The nail is decorated all the rage!The nail is decorated all the rage!
Nails speak!Nails speak!
A decorating in your own way!A decorating in your own way!
You gonna do the piece that you like!You gonna do the piece that you like!
A cake worthy of a pastry!A cake worthy of a pastry!
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Fashion SolitaireFashion Solitaire
Burger Shop 2Burger Shop 2
Very sexy!Very sexy!
Stylish Girl 2Stylish Girl 2
A perfect manicure, will you try?A perfect manicure, will you try?
Avie: My Pretty AvatarAvie: My Pretty Avatar
Do whatever you want with Pucca!Do whatever you want with Pucca!
Horse Eventing 3Horse Eventing 3
Shopaholic LondonShopaholic London

Decorating Games on

Future architect or crazy of design, decorating games will please you and will allow you to express your creativity!

You'll be able to make work your imagination by decorating a room, apartment, villa, restaurant, cake or a Christmas tree.

From an empty room, the room decorating games will ask you to choose the paint colors, different furniture and their location, layout and shape of windows ...